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    Diamond and Gold Starfish Pendant Bronze Mermaid Pendants Circle Marlin Pendant
    14k Gold and Diamond Starfish PendantBronze Mermaid Pendant NecklacesCircle Marlin Pendant

    Diamond and Gold Starfish

    Bronze Mermaid Pendant Necklace on leather, silk with pearls, bhand made beads or semi precious stones

    Michiko Marlin Pendant




    Diamond Starfish Ring Diamond Starfish Ring Flying Fish Charm
    Diamond Star Fish RingDiamond Starfish RingFlying Fish Charm

    Michiko-designed starfish ring

    Michiko-designed starfish ring

    Michiko Flying Fish Charm




    Flying Fish Pendant J-Hook Marlin Pendant Make Peace Bracelets
    Flying Fish PendantJ-Hook Marlin PendantMake Peace Bracelets

     Michiko's Flying Fish Over Water Pendant

    J-Hook Marlin Pendant

    Make Peace Bracelets




    Make Peace Men's Bracelets Marlin Pendant Mermaid Pendant
    Make Peace Men's BraceletsMarlin PendantMermaid Pendant

    Make Peace Men's Bracelet

    Michiko Marlin Pendant

    Michikos Mermaid design